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M3 Front Control Arm Upgrade Kit

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The most cost effective handling upgrade you’ll ever find!

Will add about .75 degrees of negative camber to the front for improved handling and tire wear

Wanting more out of your BMW without having horrid ride quality? This is not only an extremely common handling upgrade, but one of the best upgrades you can do. These control arms are much sturdier than your factory units and feature much stiffer bushings and ball joints. Not only does this kit give you an extremely effective upgrade, it’s the perfect excuse to get rid of your factory arms that are at the edge of being road worthy. You will notice much more precise handling, a sportier ride, and these arms will add around .75 degrees of negative camber to the front of your BMW! Also included is an M3 headlight leveling rod which is needed to get the job done. Includes all four M3 specific lower control arms and the headlight leveler rod.

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Weight 15 lbs


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31102283575, 31102283576, 31102283577, 31102283578, 37142283867


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